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question bank

Important questions on java 2 Marks: Define OOPS

What is Thread

What are abstract classes

What is the difference between finalize() and Garbage Collector

What is an Applet

Define AWT

What are the static data members

What is custom exception handling

What is the use of super keyword

What is synchronization

Define Encapsulation

What are literals

List down the data types in Java

How to create objects? Give an example

Define Method overloading What do we declare a method or class abstract

Write a note on "this" keyword

Explain about static member

Explain the use of "final" keyword

Explain about "super" keyword

What do you mean by dead lock

What are the methods in Thread class Write a note on "throw" keyword

Explain about paint()

What do you mean by a class

What is an object

What is JDK

What do you mean by JVM. Explain.

5 Marks: Write about the features of Java

Write a Java program to illustrate the use of constructors

Write short notes on method overloading

Briefly explain about abstract class

Write about the method overriding with example

Explain briefly about the evolution of Java language

What is a constructor. Explain it with an example

Explain about the method overriding

Explain about the various in built exception handling classes

Explain about the util package

Explain about various access specifiers used in Java

What is AWT. Explain it with an example

Explain about static data members and static methods

Briefly explain about Interface

Briefly explain custom exception

Explain about InputStream and OutputStream classes

Explain about Reader and Writer classes

Explain the structure of a Java program

List out / what are the Characteristics of Java

Explain the various Java class libraries

. 10 Marks:

Explain the control statements with an example Explain the concept of inheritance in Java with an example

Explain the features of Java Explain about inheritance in detail with example

Explain the lifecycle of an applet with an example What is a package.

Explain it with example

Explain about various AWT classes used in Java

How to create and run Threads. Explain it with example.

Explain OOPS in detail.