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INTER-COLLEGIATE COMPETITION “Pinnacle Potentia” Fest 2k18

           The Inter collegiate Competition Pinnacle Potentia fest 2k18 was conducted in our college on 11th Jan, 2018. 20 colleges from different parts of Chennai were participated and around 120 students compete in various competitions. The Registration was commenced by 8.00 am to 10.00 am. 9 events ADZAP, Mimic, Fruit Art, Model Making, Graffiti, Cook without Fire, Wealth from Waste, Business Quiz, Talent Expo on speech, were conducted and the events poised elegantly from 10.00 am to 5.30 pm.

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          All the participants showed their enthusiasm and participated with courage. Before the commencement of all programmes Inauguration Ceremony was conducted and the welcome speech given by Dr.G.Rajapriya.


          The Presidential Address was given by our Principal  Dr.V.Selvanathan  who narrated the importance of inter collegiate competition and also the need for our students to show their potentiality in different platforms. Special Address was given by our Secretary Madam Mrs.V.Arulmozhi, and she is specified the power of youth and the requirements of good citizens to lead the country. Special keynote  Address was given by Dr.S.Mangayarkarasi Principal, R.B Gothi Jain College who was inaugurated the ceremony and gave an enthusiastic speech, she has stressed apart from class room efforts these types of competitions would enhance the quality of our student. Finally the vote of thanks given by the Mrs.Selvi Asst. Professor Dept. of Commerce SMKC Chennai.


          In the evening  closing ceremony was conducted by 5.00 pm on the same date. Welcome address was given by Mrs.Ananadhy Asst. Prof.Dept. of Maths SMKC Chennai. He appreciated all the participants for their active participants for the “Pinnacle Potentia”.


          The Chief Guest address given by Dr.Govindhasamy Head Master Govt.Hr.sec.School Chennai-39 He has narrated the great efforts of various people and also stated number of stories to make our students to realize the importance of college life. The price distribution ceremony was held by 5 pm and the prizes were distributed for all the prize winners for the competition. At the end of ceremony vote of thanks was given by Mrs.Sarala Asst.Prof.Dept.of Management SMKC Chennai. Finally the function ended with the National Anthem.