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Current Trends On Computer Network

The Department of Bachelor of Computer Application  and B.Sc.(Software Application) organized a webinar on the theme “Recent Trends on Computer Network”  held on November 10,2021with the objective to create a knowledge on computer networking  amongst students and Teaching staff of BCA ,B.Sc.(Software Application ) and B.Sc. (Computer science).

          The Resource person for the webinar was Dr.B.Selvakumar, Asst.Prof, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College.

          The program started with Thamizh Thai Vazthu, followed by welcome address by Mrs.S.Suganthi, Head & Asst.Prof Department of Computer Application.

The Presidential address was delivered by Dr.V.Selvanathan, Principal of Sree Muthukumaraswamy College and introduced the guest speaker.

The Guest Speaker Dr.B.Selvakumar gives Introduction and covered the following topics:

1. Network Types.

2. End Devices.

3. Methods of Transmission.

4. Network Infrastructure.

5. Packet Transforming Demo for Exploring Network.

6. Wireless Security.

7. Packet Transfer Demo for wireless security.

8. Cloud Computing.

9. Network Virtualization.

10. Software Designed Network.


The Webinar was attended by around 78 participants


          The session ended with a round of discussion and vote of thanks by Mrs.Merlin Jaba, Head & Asst.Prof Department of B.Sc (Software Application).